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Mechanics Made Easy, Pre-Meccano period till 1908.
The first "Meccano Outfit" was produced in 1901.
Outfit No E was in this period the most comprehensive Outfit

Mechanics Made Easy outfit A, 1904 , Tin plated MME strips brassware with Keyholes
I assume that brassware is replaced or changed to fit the 1906 keys

Very rare Mechanics Made Easy Outfit X 1906, Incomplete with content as found by another Dutch collector.

Mechanics Made Easy outfit A, 1907 Box with MECCANO label

Mechanics Made Easy outfit B, 1907, 1" pulleys with Feather and Tongue key holes.

Rare Mechanics Made Easy outfit D, 1908, Tin plated strips, incomplete.

Rare Mechanics Made Easy Outfit E, 1908. Tin plated strips, brass ware with keyholes, incomplete.

Very rare Meccano/Mechanics Made Easy Accessory Outfit 1a 1906, Incomplete with content as found by another Dutch collector, very unusual Meccano box label. I assume that this must be one the first box labels with the name Meccano on it,

Very rare Simplified Mechanics Box C. Original Box which probably had a label Meccano on it, see position lower right hand.

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