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Zeldzame en bijzondere Meccano onderdelen
Various screwdrivers from the period 1901-1913.
Will be found in Mechanics Made Easy outfits.
Wooden Screwdriver is from 1906
Triangular rod untill 1912
Triangular plate 1912-1913

Not for sale, these where taken from outfits

Various screwdrivers from the period 1916-1922.

Not for sale, these are from outfits

Various spanners from the 1901-1913 period.
Will be found in Mechanics Made Easy outfits.
Blackened or nickel plated steel, not cranked and cranked, hex ends 1906
Nickel or blackened, tapered, square hole, stamped Meccano 1912

Not for sale, These are from the outfits.

Meccano Ship Funnels.
Nrs 138a - 138z were issued 1927-1940 in the colors of major shipping lines.

Very Rare original wooden Meccano Shuttle.
ca 1915.

Various Types of Digger Buckets Part No 169 in original boxes.
Period 1928 -1940

Various Types of Dredger Buckets Part No 131 in original boxes.
Period 1929 -1940

Oil cans, No 1 type, K type (sold) and Banjo type.
Ca 1929

Technische realisatie: PROTRACTUS     -     Grafisch ontwerp: Studio Brouwer